Warrior Raves

We greatly appreciate our customers...and not only for your purchases. Your testimonials about our products and how they help you live stronger inspire us...and others as well. If you'd like to share your comments or feedback about our products, website or service, please email to: CustomerService@EndorphinWarrior.com. Thank you...Warrior On!

Raves"Just wanted to share my story and photo with you. I've gone from 305 lbs. five years ago to completing my first full marathon. In the picture, you can see on my left wrist under my watch the Endorphin Warrior PERSEVERE Warrior Training Bracelet that I never remove. This was an emotional day for me and my family. Upon crossing the finish line, my wife handed me my second Endorphin Warrior bracelet with "26.2," which I now proudly wear on my right wrist. Thank you for the motivating and rewarding words and products."
-- Dan D., Sioux City, IA

"I have a STRENGTH Warrior Training Bracelet and I literally wear it every day. It not only helps me for training but everyday life as well. It's like a little affirmation on my wrist that reminds me how strong I am. It becomes a piece of you. You train in it...you sweat in it...its part of your journey."
-- Brenda Johnston, Ontario, Canada

"I absolutely love my bracelets! I am a skin cancer warrior and was looking for bracelets to remind me to be courageous and warrior on. I was thrilled to find your site about two years ago. Black is the awareness color for skin cancer, so I ordered warrior and courage with black wristbands. I wear them every day! Thank you for creating these wonderful bracelets."
-- Kathleen Tarullo, EW customer since 2013

"I love my bracelet so much that I have not taken it off since I got it! I just finished a 40-mile trail run with it on and it did not hinder my wrist at all. I am looking forward to running my first 100 miler soon. When I need a boost, I will just look at my wrist and remember that being RELENTLESS will carry me through."
-- Callie Shipley, EW customer since 2011

"I have two bracelets and wore them both during very difficult times in my life. I wore each at different phases and I know they got me thru the tough times. One was PERSEVERE and the other was STRENGTH. Very powerful words and they did make my journey easier, so these bracelets are incredible."
-- Pat Stephens Mazzei, Naples, FL

"I bought my Warrior bracelet during a time in my training when I was beginning to lose motivation. Wearing a beautiful bracelet with 26.2 on it really encouraged me to keep going. I wear my bracelet all the time and look at it whenever I start to feel unmotivated when it comes to running. While training, I wore my bracelet to tell myself that I could run 26.2 miles. Now, I wear my bracelet to remind myself that I DID run 26.2 and did great!"
-- Emily Christman, EW customer since 2015

"I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my PERSEVERE Warrior Training Bracelet. I have lost 70 lbs. this year and continue to improve. The bracelet means a lot to me and I wear it every day to remind me to stay motivated no matter how hard it can get."
-- Sherri Weber, EW customer since 2011

"I want to let you know how incredibly important your PERSEVERE Warrior Training Bracelet has been to me. In the last year, I have lost 150 lbs. Part of my weight loss can be attributed to my exercise regime that includes running. When I saw your ad in Runner's World Magazine, I knew I had to get a bracelet. I have worn it every day during my weight loss journey to help motivate me. I look at it when I am tempted to "cheat" on my healthy food choices. I rub it during a particularly grueling workout. I touch it when I run. Your product is so motivating and a daily reminder of the goals I have set for myself."
-- Hoss Parvizian, EW customer since 2012

"I chose the bracelet BELIEVE because I just got back into running again and set a goal for 16 races in 2016, including my first 10K and half marathon. On the days I struggle, all I need to do is look at my BELIEVE bracelet to remember that 'I got this' and I can do anything I put my mind to!" Thank you Endorphin Warrior!
-- Kristen Soth, EW customer since 2016

"I own several Endorphin Warrior items and absolutely love them. I wear my CONQUER bracelet when I lift weights and workout. It is my reminder that I can accomplish the task at hand...that I can conquer my self-doubt...that I can rise above the challenge. Every morning when I snap it around my wrist, it is an affirmation that I am ready for whatever my trainer throws at me. My 'can do' attitude increases dramatically when I wear it.
-- Marva Bolay, EW customer since 2015

"There came a time about 6 months ago that my 13-year-old son felt beaten down and broken. I wrote down all of the words that your bracelets have printed on them and asked him what word meant something to him and he said "RELENTLESS" because it reminded him to never give up and keep on working hard. Without him knowing I ordered him one the next day. He loved it...these bracelets mean a lot to our family."
-- Lori Taylor, EW customer since 2016

"I love this site and have purchased from them. I bought an UNBREAKABLE Warrior Training Bracelet for a friend and explained that she was going through a very trying time and the gift I was buying for her meant a lot to me. When it arrived, there was a hand-written note from 'Eric' wishing me and my friend well. I wear the warrior bracelet that reads TRANSCEND. My friend is now cancer free and is, indeed, UNBREAKABLE.
-- Beth Devlin, EW customer since 2012

"On Christmas Eve I fell hard during a training run and broke my jaw. After emergency surgery and all wired up, I put on my FEARLESS Warrior Training Bracelet and got back to training the next day. I look at it all of the time to remind me that there are no excuses...I am FEARLESS.
-- Pam Medhurst, EW customer since 2009

"I wear my PERSEVERE Warrior Training Bracelet every day. It helps me with law school and brutal workouts. I love it!"
-- Melissa Cahir, EW customer since 2013

"I gave my FEARLESS Warrior Training Bracelet to my dear friend who has been undergoing chemo. She says she looks at it every time she goes for treatment to remind herself that she is, indeed, FEARLESS. She has bought more Warrior bracelets to give to other people at treatment."
-- Kathleen Crowley, EW customer since 2011

"My AS I RUN Warrior Training Bracelet has carried me through three marathons and a 200-mile relay over a 6-month period (not to mention countless training miles). Thanks for making a great and inspiring product."
-- Trevor Boylston, EW customer since 2010

"I am really happy with my square ring pendant! I think it's beautiful and it's a constant reminder of my goals and my accomplishments. Even though no one else can see that it is engraved with the 26.2 due to its size, I like that. It's a personal reminder of hard work and tenacity, rather than being boastful. Also, I cannot thank your company enough for upholding great customer service in addition to high quality products!"
-- Lauren D., Bryson City, NC

"Ran my first half marathon of the season wearing my "Believe" bracelet. Set a PR. I love how my training bracelet has become my virtual running buddy, reminding me to believe in my efforts and strengths."
-- Milissa Hutloff, Phoenix, AZ

"I'm wearing my PERSEVERE bracelet now and almost all of the time...not just for running. It's a motivator for daily living for me as well. The product is excellent and more than met any expectations I had. Add to that fast delivery...I'll buy again from Endorphin Warrior."
-- Cynthia M., Bradenton, FL

"Great product, website, ease of ordering...and customer service!!! You guys rock!"
-- Nancy C., Snohomish, WA

"On June 3rd, 2012, I lost my dad who was my biggest fan. While I was in college over 20 years ago, I was at a point that I was struggling and he told me that I had the strength to accomplish anything I set my mind to. He reminded me of being a young girl and spending hours out in the yard teaching myself to jump rope. I worked for hours on end until I mastered that skill. He told me that was a true sign of my strength. I have a Warrior Training Bracelet that says STRENGTH. When things get tough in my life - from my workouts to my work or home life - I look at that one word and know that my dad is watching over me. I know that I do have the strength to accomplish anything I put my mind to."
-- Cheryl Jessie, EW customer since 2010

"Just a quick word of thanks...I've received and am VERY happy with the bracelets. You've been super and I'm sure I'll be back to make more purchases in the future. I'm looking at my AS I RUN bracelet and wish I were lacing up my shoes right now."
-- Genevieve, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

"I purchased a PERSEVERE Warrior Training Bracelet awhile back and wear it every day. I couldn't be more pleased with the product that I purchased...it is simply AWESOME..."
-- Pete R., San Antonio, TX

"I purchased your pendant that says "PERSEVERE" and whenever I wear it I feel empowered and strong!"
-- Jenn S., Vista, CA

"I have to give you an update on my new talisman, my UNBREAKABLE Warrior Training Bracelet. I wear it constantly (except in the shower or swimming) and it was a reminder during my 33-mile race in Big Bear to be mentally strong and unbreakable. I was able to finish as the 5th woman and first in my age group, so thank you for supplying my 'edge' over the other runners. I really like the way the leather has 'cured' due to sweat, sun and electrolytes."
-- Theresa A., Santa Margarita, CA

"Yes, I've enjoyed the bracelets immensely. They're holding up well as I run and workout with one on without feeling like I have something heavy on my wrist, plus I wore it in the shower by mistake without any ill effects. I showed the "Persevere" to a friend of mine before his Black Belt test in Taekwondo to "pump him up" and he seemed pleased that I wore it for him. Thanks."
-- Dean Steele, Woodstock, GA

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my Warrior Training Bracelet. As soon as I got it, I put it on and am feeling empowered already."
-- Kim B., Houston, TX

"My husband has purchased a pendant and a bracelet for me for two separate gift occasions. It's a joy to receive cool jewelry that represents who I am. I've been extremely pleased with the quality and durability of both. Thank you!"
-- Cindy P., Austin, TX

"I got my bracelets this afternoon and am thrilled! Thank you! The new unisex bracelet (Warrior Training Bracelet). I am thrilled with it. I love the leather (it's so smooth) and it's beautifully made. I am totally excited about it."
-- Shayna H., Huntington Beach, CA

"I have two square pendants. I love them. They are easy to care for and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. My fellow runners and triathletes love jewelry that reflects us athletes. Your pendants are very classy and fashionable."
-- Yasmin W., Mission Viejo, CA

"I have a pendant that says "RELENTLESS" that I wear often. It inspires me. I often wear it the day before a race and think about the word as I run. Thank you for making a piece of jewelry that means so much to me as a runner."
-- Kitt W., Imperial Beach, CA

"I gave the women's bracelet with "PERSEVERE" on it to my mom who is currently battling cancer. She loves it and has worn it every day since I gave it to her last Christmas."
-- Tim P., San Ramon, CA

"I am really enjoying wearing my new bracelet. It's a great reminder for me to stay focused on my training. Thank you!"
-- Brenda P., Irvine, CA

"You were extremely helpful with awesome customer service!"
-- Tammy Sue R, Calabasas, CA

"I have to tell you how much your UNBREAKABLE bracelet has meant to me. I've spent most of my adult years out of shape and overweight. I've lost 40lbs. in the past year and have just completed my 7th half marathon. This has been a hard process both mentally and physically. I've fought through injuries and self-doubt. When I saw your product at the Surf City Marathon expo, I just had to have the bracelet. It summed up in one simple word, my desire to continue my journey. I've done two half marathons since then and have worn it at both events. In fact, I wear it every day and never take it off. Does it make me run faster or lose weight faster? No. But it does tell me that anything is possible if I just believe in myself and my abilities. My spirit is UNBREAKABLE."
-- Lori M., Sacramento, CA

"We purchased two of your warrior training tees. They are very light weight and comfortable and wick the moisture very nicely. My husband and I both really like these shirts and end up wearing them more often than our regular cotton t-shirts because they are so comfortable. They definitely perform as expected and we are very happy with our purchase."
-- Pam O, Crestline, CA

"I purchased the SWIM BIKE RUN pendant and love it. I've added it to my THIRTEEN POINT ONE pendant. I like your jewelry and look forward to adding to my collection."
-- Angelica R.

"I purchased a bracelet for a friend fighting breast cancer. I am a jewelry maker myself and I love the symmetry and design of your product. Thank you for such great workmanship!"
-- Cori C., San Diego, CA

"I love the necklace I bought and wear it every day! I have family/friends birthdays coming up and will definitely visit your site for gifts."
-- Jessica D., Del Mar, CA

"The bracelets arrived yesterday and they look great! Thank you!"
-- Amy M., Lakewood, CA

"The (RELENTLESS) dog tags were a big hit this weekend with my (basketball) teams. We give them out as the "relentless player of the game" and the girl who receives it gets to wear it until the next game. It's a great symbol for mental awareness and playing in the moment. Getting kids to concentrate for 32 minutes and playing every possession is a constant challenge and your necklace is a fun and friendly reminder of our goals."
-- Cheryl Y., Centreville, VA

"I received the new bracelet today. It fits perfect. Thank you for all of your help."
-- Paul P., San Diego, CA

"I enjoy my PERSEVERE tech tee. I've found it to hang nicely, feel good and not "bounce" or get clingy when it gets soaked with sweat. I've given your products as gifts and they look good and were appreciated."
-- Keith B., Houston, TX

"I bought two pendants for my running friends, and when I received them in the mail, I thought they were so cute that I had to order one more for myself! We all love them."
-- Shari T., Redlands, CA

"I really enjoy the look and style of your products. They are a good way to encourage myself to keep running, cycling and working out."
-- Erica G., Pflugerville, TX

"Everything went well with my custom pendant order. I get so many compliments on them. Your products are excellent and have good value."
-- Gina M., Huntington Beach, CA

"I purchased a bracelet for a running buddy of mine and she loved it! She said she liked the simplicity of the statement. It suits her just like I thought it would."
-- Margaret P., Bakersfield, CA

"Thanks for sending my order so quickly...it's perfect."
-- Karen W., Lancaster, CA

"You guys are amazing. Thanks for understanding my life and putting it on a necklace."
-- Lis S., Denver, CO

"Thank you for the great product! I love it! It's my new lucky charm at track meets!"
-- Brianna W., Monterey, CA